This 1887 Proof Half Sovereign is one of the three and, to our knowledge, is the only proof example out of that original mintage to appear on the open market over the last fifty years. 333.50 GBP 4275 Half Sovereign Victoria Jubilee Head 1887 - 1893 (Specific Year Half Sovereigns (Half Sovereign (Gold Coins))) 3.984. 1838-1887 British Gold Half Sovereign Young Victoria Head Avg Circ . The half sovereigns struck from 1887-­1893 are the Jubilee Head to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 50 years of rule. *If you are happy with your purchase , please leave me feedback 5 stars, or if there is any problem, please give me a chance to resolve the problem, before feedback is leftthankyou . If you would like to sell this item, please call our customer service team on 01902 623 259. $12,500.00. An 1887 gold sovereign, 7.95g Show 20 more like this. Sales History? Shop Now > 1500 GOLD VENICE COIN UNKNOWN DOGE 1500 GOLD VENICE COIN UNKNOWN DOGE Regular price £395.00 . 1887 Sydney - Young Head. 1887 Half Sovereign Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Shield Back Presentation Boxed. P&P: + £19.00 P&P . There were also 3 Mints; Melbourne, Sydney and London. 1889-1893 Half Sovereigns across the three Mints can be “High” or “Low Shield” variety. The majority of 1887 London Half Sovereigns seen, are of the “imperfect J” variety. Very Rare 1871 1/2 Sovereign "Nose To T" & Unrecorded Die #68 PCGS Cert VF30. Values for English Coins. Check out my other items! Please enter your last name. 1887 S Australia Victoria Young Head Shield Half Sovereign Gold Coin . 1887-M Half Sovereign Mintage: 64,013 Figure shared with: Jubilee Head Medium JEB Jubilee Head Narrow JEB Jubilee Head Wide JEB Mint: Melbourne Mint Monarch: Victoria Reverse Designer: J. All Half Sovereigns for 1887, across all three Mints are of the “High Shield” variety. CB565b) World mixed coins, unsorted. London, London Mint, Golden Jubilee style bust facing left, designed by J Edgar Boehm, small crown and veil on head, pearl earring with pearl necklace, I.E.B. 1908 Gold Half Sovereign Edward VII Melbourne HY … Close Create Price Alert. Records indicate that 64,000 half sovereigns were issued by the Melbourne Mint in 1887, but it is noted that this figure includes the two different portrait designs of Young Head and Jubilee. P&P: + £10.00 P&P . P&P: + £14.00 P&P . Grade: Mint Strike 58. AU $19.50 + shipping. If your 1887 Half Sovereign Shield Victoria Jubilee Head was NOT purchased from us, we would still be happy to purchase it at up to: 92% of spot. FOR SALE! 1887 Half Sovereign Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Shield Back Presentation Boxed. An 1887 gold half sovereign, 3.96g Show 37 more like this. The sovereigns issued in Australia initially carried a unique local design but by 1887, all new sovereigns bore Pistrucci's George and Dragon design. Auction prices. If your 1887 Half Sovereign Shield Victoria Jubilee Head was purchased from us, we are currently paying up to: 93% of spot. AU $13.75. Victoria 'yound head' sovereigns were minted in Sydney and Melbourne, using both the St. George & Dragon and the shield design. initials close together raised on truncation with imperfect J. Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, rev. rises above £ Email. CERT VERIFICATION #35257296 According to the PCGS Certification Database, the requested certification number is defined as the following: PCGS Coin … … shipping: + $25.83 shipping . £289.00. For more information on coin gradings please see our Guide to Coin Grading.Be sure to get it while stocks last.At Chancery Collection we aim to source and sell the best collectable coins for our customers. The 1887 Half-Sovereign - Victoria Jubilee Head is an example of the Gold Half-Sovereign and is a gold coin, being as it's name suggests, half the value and half of the gold weight of a gold sovereign. Half Sovereign 1887 Proof. The 1887 Sydney are both of similar rarity to the 1886 Sydney in lower grades but in AU grades or higher, the 1886 Sydney tends to turn up far less frequently with 1887 Sydney Mint half sovereigns being available right up to Choice Uncirculated at the Reserve Bank of Australia Sale. Buy Collectable Australian Gold SovereignsHALF SOVEREIGNS OF AUSTRALIA 1855 TO 1918Australian Gold Half Sovereigns are considerably rarer than the full sovereign, and are normally found more worn in condition.All Gold coins of Australia (1852 to 1931) were struck from solid 22ct gold (.917%). Physical Description. Price Drop Alerts × Quantity. We buy, sell, & provide information. (US-PCGS) AUS: Good Extra Fine. Strikings there were so large that by 1900, about forty per cent of the sovereigns in Britain had been minted in Australia. AU $11.69. £315.00 + P&P . if you want bigger images , please feel free to mail me . Related Products. Young Head Shield Reverse Victoria "shields" were issued from 1838 to 1887 inclusive. Australian Bulk Pennies pre decimal 1 … Good luck. UK ½ Sovereign 1884 *Victoria Young Head Shield Back – London* 3.98g EF+. £1,395.00 . as seen. An 1887 gold sovereign, 7.95g Show 45 more like this. The British Young Head Victoria Gold Sovereign is considered one of most attractive and certainly the most collectible Sovereign on the market today. Average Circulated Condition. Be sure to add me to your favourites list! Australian Bulk Penny pre decimal coins x 22 all different years. $537.00. Each half-sovereign coin will be shipped in protective plastic flips. 1887 Jubilee Half Sovereign. Please enter your first name. 1887 GREAT BRITAIN 1/2 Sovereign Half Sovereign VICTORIA JUBILEE NGC AU58 Pretty - $424.09. Please email me when price for quantity Price each. 1938 to 1964. Today, the half-sovereign is a commemorative coin, not issued every year and often only collected as part of a set. Coming from a mintage of 64,013, combined with the … Half Sovereigns have a weight of 3.9940 grams (.1177oz troy). The "ordinary" Royal Mint London sovereigns for 1887 with the "Jubilee head" obverse are taken to be of the type listed in Spink as 3866 (normal designer's initials JEB with an angled J). What is a 1887 halfcrown worth? An 1889 gold sovereign, 7.98g Show 41 more like this. Half Sovereign, 1887 S Jubillee Head, plain edge proof striking Mint: Sydney. shipping: + AU $45.00 shipping . Only 797 sets were issued by the Royal Mint in 1887. Coin Description: 1887- Sydney Mint Half Sovereign. The year … drops below £ Email. PCGS Certification Number: 35257296. • 1887 Jubilee head Melbourne mint St. George. The 1871-1887 Gold Young Head Victoria Full Sovereign. 1899 Gold Half Sovereign - Victoria Old Head - London / RARE AND UNCIRCULATED. Half Sovereign Coin - Victoria 1892 - Shield Back - RARE / COLLECTABLE COIN . 1877 Queen Victoria Young Head Half-Sovereign, .slabbed … These random year half sovereign gold coins are an amazing addition to any gold collection. These elegant coins were first issued for the occasion of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee on 20 June 1887 and they replaced the 'Young Head' sovereigns that had prevailed for the past fifty years. Trace Lustre.. Fine+. 1887 Gold Sovereigns - Three Types In 1887, there were 3 different types of gold sovereign issued; Victoria Shield, Young Head St. George, and Jubilee. Add Page 1 of 1; First name. 1887 Gold Half-Sovereign; All four coins depict the portrait of Queen Victoria on the obverse, and Benedetto Pistrucci's famous portrayal of St. George and the dragon on the reverse except the half-sovereign which is a Shieldback. £395.00. £395.00. Gold Victoria sovereigns struck from 1887 to 1893 are often simply referred to as Jubilee Head sovereigns. Including half sovereign 1893, 3.83g; half sovereign 1897, 3.94g; and 10 kronor 1876, 4.48g width 2.25g, total Show 55 more like this 1915 half gold sovereign , with brooch mounts (no pin) engraved Reb AU $925.00. Specifications ; Composition: Gold Fineness: 0.9170 Weight: 3.9940g AGW: 0.1178oz Melt Value: $226.62 (1/6/2021) Design; Obverse: Bust left wearing small crown and veil Obverse Legend: VICTORIA DEI GRATIA Reverse: Without die number Reverse Legend: BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: … Some are extremely common, others are scarce, rare or very rare. Last name. It was the last time the shield design by Jean Baptiste Merlen was used. Price Rise Alerts × Quantity. Queen Victoria Bun ,Jubilee & Veil Head 1887-1890 Full Sovereign … Half Sovereign Coin - Victoria 1892 - Shield Back - RARE / COLLECTABLE COIN . Half Sovereign.. 07564301250. That proof coins were struck in the nineteenth century may surprise some readers. P&P: + £19.00 P&P . Full gold Sovereigns were struck for Queen Victoria from 1838 to 1901 and instantly became a treasured asset. B. Merlen Obverse Designer: William Wyon Size: 19mm Weight: 3.99g Edge: Reeded Composition: 91.67% Gold 8.33% Copper Values . After 1915 currency half -sovereigns were not issued by the Royal Mint until 1982 when the first bullion half-sovereign issued only for that year. A 1909 gold sovereign, 8g Show 14 more like this. 1887 half sovereign . An 1824 gold half sovereign, 3.8g Show 11 more like this. But it has to be said that the striking of proof coins in Australia is not a modern day phenomenon. $1,359.50 + shipping . 11 lots sold since 2003. shipping: + AU $25.00 shipping . Popular . 1887 Half Sovereign Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Shield Back Presentation Boxed. Contains a % of "Holiday change" 200g. Specifications: Year: 1893-1887: Condition: Average Circulated: Fineness: 0.9167: Denomination: 1/2 Sovereign: Gross Weight: 3.9935 g: Mint: British Royal Mint: Actual Weight:.1177 troy oz: Diameter: 19.3 mm: Thickness: 1 mm . Coin Features: Contains .1177 Troy Ounce of .9167 fine gold. Please email me when price for quantity Price each. 1899 Gold Half Sovereign - Victoria Old Head - London / RARE AND UNCIRCULATED. (jubilee head, lace open variety, Davies 640) Values, images, and specifications for the 1887 halfcrown coin from Britain, England, United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland . Gold half-sovereigns continued to be issued by the Royal Mint in London for the reigns of King George IV (1821-1830), King William IV (1831-1837), Queen Victoria (1838-1901), King Edward VII (1902-1910), and King George V (1911-1915). In 1887 a new half sovereign portrait design was introduced for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee to mark the fiftieth anniversary of her ascension to the British throne (1837 - 1887). 1887 UK half crown value. Item Descriptions Very Rare Great Britain Great Details Luster Gold NGC AU … $428.24 + shipping . 1 + $12,500.00. 1887-S 1/2 Sov S-3862E Young Head Australian Pre Federation Half Sovereign Coin Issue. 1887 HALF SOVEREIGN ( AUNC ) Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest. Half-Sovereign 1887 XF-45Chancery Collection present the Half-Sovereign 1887 XF-45.It is graded XF-45. £1,000.00 + P&P .